Concrete Admixture
Epoxy Adhesive and Mortar
Flooring Treatments and Toppings
Joint Sealants
Mould Release Agents / Curing Compounds
Mortar Admixtures
Polyurethane Flooring
Protective Coatings
Readymix Mortar
Structural Strengthening
Waterproofing, Waterbar and Roofing


At the initial stage, we provide consulting services to the consumer. By knowing the initial problems or desires of our consumers will be more easier to provide the best solution.


The advantages of the services we provide is a direct investigation into the location so we could dig up more detailed information as well as to diagnose problems.


Giving the right solution for consumers is The main thing for us. From a diverse range of products that we have, we provide a solution to the selection of the right product for the consumer. Not only to the selection of products, we also provide solutions to the consumer product application phase.



Retarder, High Early Strength High Range Water Reducer, Flowable Concrete

Concrete Repair

Injection Dry & Wet Crack Grouting Honeycomb Spalling and Patching Concete Cosmetic

Water Proofing

Cement Based Acrilic Based Bitument Membrane & Coating PVC Membrane Polyurethane Coating Roof Garden

Joint Seallent

Acrilic Sealant Polyurethane Sealant Polysalfide Sealant Epoxy Sealant


Epoxy Cement Epoxy Flooring Solvent Free Water Based Polyurethane Cement Flooring

Protective Coating

Epoxy Novolac Vinyl Ester


Strengthenning with CFRP
( Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polymer)

 Delivery Service